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Website Design

We Build Websites That Stand Out.

From design, website mapping, copy, and advanced features, we take care of your website from start to finish and deliver a product that precisely represents your brand and vision. A secure, durable, and sleek website is our commitment to you with exceptional customer service, ensuring you are happy every step of the way.


We build our websites on Wordpress using the latest and lightest themes to ensure speed, efficiency, and security. After it's complete, keep your website maintained and optimized with our monthly maintenance and SEO plans.


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We designed this website to showcase the company's 50+ weatherproofing products and created a unique “Interactive Home” where users can click on the desired area to see products that fit their needs. Users also have the ability to switch to their preferred language - English or French; translation services provided by us.


Site Copy Sample:

ENG: "We stand behind the quality and longevity of our products; after all, they’ve been engineered & perfected for over 70 years."


FR: "Nous soutenons la qualité et la longévité de nos produits; après tout, ils ont été conçus et perfectionnés depuis plus de 70 ans."

Slogan Examples:

ENG: "Bring Comfort to Your Home"

FR: "Apporter du confort à votre maison."

ENG: "Save on Energy, Spend on Family"

FR: "Économiser de l'énergie. Dépenser sur la famille."



We built a 200+ page database website to illustrate technical information for many types of industrial foams. Using a highly advanced search feature, their customers can now pinpoint the exact specifications they require and find the right materials in seconds. This website also has a French version for every single page and every single spec sheet on each material page. 


Site copy sample:

ENG: "With over 70 years of industry experience, we understand the complexities of producing your raw materials."

FR: "Avec plus de 70 ans d'expérience dans le secteur, nous comprenons la complexité de la production de vos matières premières."

Slogan Sample:

ENG: "Our product is our service. Our value is our speed."

FR: "Notre produit est notre service. Notre valeur est notre vitesse."


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