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Let Your Website Do the Selling.

Our mission at Sweet Lemon is to create the ideal online store for your business. From site and product copy, inventory management, custom shipping, sales, taxes, product combos, promo codes, and more - we deliver a fully functional e-commerce store for all your business needs.


We utilize WooCommerce and other platforms to build out your online store and add any integration you may need. 

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We increased the sales of this water toy company by creating an effective, clean, and functional e-commerce website that adheres to Google’s algorithms and website best practices.


We were in charge of site copy, design, and incorporated a custom sales tax based on the customer’s location, custom shipping rates, and geographical proxies for Canadian and U.S visitors. We also refreshed their original logo and gave it a modern look.

Site Copy Sample:

"The Aqua Lily Pad is all about maximizing your fun on the water. Whether the boat stops for serenity or you’re ready to float off the dock, the Aqua Lily Pad provides a safe and comfortable environment for your kids, friends, and grandparents to play, run and relax on. It’s a floating foam island that brings the entire family together!"

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Get your online store up and running with our team.

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