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Corporate Videos

Pro Videos for Your Brand

Tell the story of your business with elaborate and detailed video production to showcase your company’s values, culture, products, services, and customer relationships.


Whether it’s interview-style or scripted, we can deliver a video that fully represents your brand. A corporate video acts like an introduction to your business or can be a great sales tool. In addition, many other types of short-form content can be produced from your main corporate video, allowing you to have multiple applications with this product.


Schedule a Free Consultation to see how Sweet Lemon can help you achieve a remarkable video for your business.


1. Pre-production:

Scripting & Consultation 

2. Production:

Professional Equipment and Creative Crew

3. Post-Production: Editing, Licensed Music, Sound Design, Mixing, Color Grading, Revisions


1 x 2-5 min Corporate Video

1 x 1 min version

1 x 15-30 second version (+Instagram/TikTok Format)

vi Global
Azul Fives Playa Del Carmen
Oakville Yacht Squadron

Display your business in full with a professional Corporate Video.

Reach out today. 

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