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A phenomenal-looking brand is a phenomenal first impression. Let's make sure your most valuable asset fully aligns with your company’s mission and core values. Our team will craft brand guides that stand the test of time. To complete your branding package, we'll include 5 Slogans and a Style Guide to ensure your brand is always consistent with its marketing.


Fun fact: Pepsi’s logo changed over 10 times throughout its history - not due to indecision, but to keep up with new trends and evolving design. 

Schedule a Free Consultation to see how Sweet Lemon can help you achieve a timeless brand for your business.

What you get:

- 5 Logo Variations (3 Revisions included)

- 5 Slogans

- Style Guide



"A Water Playground for the Entire Family" - Aqua Lily Pad

"Bring Comfort to Your Home" - Polar Bear Products

"Save on Energy, Spend on Family" - Polar Bear Products

"Our Product is Our Service. Our Value is Our Speed" - J&T

"Nanotechnology for the Finest CBD" - Nano Wellness


Polar Bear Products.jpg

Your Style Guide, or Brand Guide, is your brand’s marketing bible. It lays out all the colors and fonts that should be used in your marketing and social posts to remain consistent with your brand’s image.

PB Fonts.jpg

Take your brand to the next level.

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