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High-End Commercials


Elevate your brand with a professional and timeless tv-style commercial produced by the creative team at Sweet Lemon Inc. We are one of the few digital agencies that have a feature film in our portfolio, and we bring this technical acumen and skill directly into your commercial product.


We have produced commercials for top brands in Luxury Real Estate, Consumer Products, Manufacturing, and more. We’ll bring your vision to life with a superb and creative script, cast the most appropriate actors, and deliver a product that truly embodies your business.

Schedule a call today and see how Sweet Lemon can turn our and your ideas into a professional commercial for your business.


1. Pre-production:

Scripting, Casting, Location Scouting, Storyboarding, Production Prep, Legal Contracts

2.  Production: 

Production Management, Professional Equipment & Creative Crew

3. Post-Production: Editing, Visual Effects, Licensed Music, Sound Design, Mixing, Color Grading, Revisions

4. Network Delivery (If needed)


1 x 15 sec - 1 min High-Impact Commercial

Delivered in 4k Quality + Instagram / TikTok Format

Beyond INK
Azul Fives
Honey Bee Meals
Polar Bear Products
Aluminum Pergola
Aqua Lily Pad
Oakville Yacht Squadron

Schedule a call today and see how Sweet Lemon Inc. can produce a

professional video commercial for your business.

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