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CASE STUDY: Viral Commercial


SERVICES: Video Production & Montage


BRIEF: If you are looking for a video to capture your fans on social media through a viral concept, then Sweet Lemon Productions can help you design, articulate, and market the message you want broadcasted.


Our most successful viral video is for a luxury residence developer named Aristo Development based in Nassau, Bahamas. They were constructing one of their biggest projects near the shores of the Baha Mar, a uniquely engineered private residence condominium named One Cable Beach. During the time, the developer had a few a renderings and approached us to create something people would resonate with.


With a huge limitation on content, we had to put pen to paper and design a commercial that would entice people to inquire about a pre-construction property. It’s hard to sell something that doesn’t exist, but with the right music, script, and visuals we were able to deliver a phenomenal 1-minute video that went viral on Facebook.


We didn’t know what to expect with this video, but it was evident that people would share their dream-home with others. We peaked at 900k organic views, 1000 shares, and many comments all without any marketing. All it took was the right amount of planning and putting it all together to create an effective and long-lasting viral commercial.


Today, the property is sold-out and fully operational, thanks to its ingenious design and location.


Take a look at the final video below:

Facebook link:


Of course, we cannot guarantee something will go viral organically as it did with One Cable Beach. It depends on the product, the nature of your business, and proper execution. However, with the right marketing and SEO, we can engage your audience through many outlets and take your promotional video to new levels. The success of an online marketing campaign will depend on the level of depth and complexity you want to ensue. Email us today to find out about our marketing strategies. Here are some of the services we offer:


1. Organic SEO: Rich link-building and Optimization

2. Paid Advertising & Marketing Campaigns: Google, Facebook, and Instagram

3. Landing Pages

4. Contests / Giveaways

5. Database building

6. Video Marketing