We create high-impact content for various businesses and

               provide flexible production packages to get you the video desired. 

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The BeyondINK smartpen is the most empowering pen ever designed. It features a battery charger, Flash USB, and a multi-tip that reshapes the way we think about pens. We help start-ups with innovative and visually stunning commercials that showcase their product and create a video that stands the test of time. Nothing beats the well-crafted combination of cinema and VFX to achieve an effective & beautiful commercial. 

We create high-impact content for various businesses and provide flexible production packages to get you the video desired. 

The Fives | Playa Del Carmen | Luxury Boutique Residences


Located in the heart of Playa Del Carmen, The Fives is a full ownership resort developed by TM Real Estate Group, an award-winning developer known for its second-homes by the sea. We made this video for N5R.com, it involves a Main Video for the web, and shorter videos for television and Youtube ads. The extracted videos become some of the best marketing tools for social media, websites, and TV. 


vi Global | Talent Management Software


With over 1000 clients worldwide, vi Global is a powerful talent management software that enables efficiency within a company. It improves the operations of recruitment, evaluations, goal setting, learning management and others. In this campaign, we combined the words of vi and of their clients to tell the story of the software. We made a shorter version for marketing and a longer version to be featured on their website. 

One Cable Beach | Nassau, Bahamas


An elegant & modern property that resides on the last remaining private shore in Nassau, Bahamas. Conceptualized by Aristo Development, its unique build is a conquer of design and luxury. The 1-minute commercial has received a large response on Facebook, reaching over 750,000 organic views. 


The Revi 


A portable and handy phone charger that provides extra juice to your battery. The approach was to create a short and sweet commercial that is fast paced and catchy. Using various locations and a handful of actors, we were able to deliver a fun and effective promo that carries itself through interesting cinematography and characters.


Find'Em Tracking


Never lose your belongings with this handy Bluetooth tracker. It fits in your wallet just like any other card and alerts your phone when the item is forgotten or lost. We wanted to create individual stories of people losing their wallets when they're needed most, and added a spice of quirk. The result is a unique compilation of various stories that portray different functions of the product. 


Ecdysis Official Trailer 


We love commercial production, but our hearts lie in narrative storytelling. In 2010, we decided to write an unconventional multi-genre film and bring it to completion by mid-2015. After working with over 60 non-union actors, 5 dedicated leads, and shooting in 20 different locations, we managed to hold a successful premiere in downtown Toronto and furthermore gain distribution. For more information on the film, visit ecdysis-movie.com



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