CASE STUDY: Polar Bear Products

SERVICES: Website + Copy, Corporate Video, Product Photography, & French Translations


BRIEF: We created a product website to showcase the company's 50+ weatherproofing products. We designed a unique "interactive house" where users can identify the area of need. We also produced videos, photos, and graphics. 



DESIGN GUIDE: We started off with designing their Brand Guide: fonts and colors to be used throughout the website and future marketing materials. Example below:

SITE COPY: We were responsible to write the site copy which included product descriptions for over 50 products, an FAQ section, and slogans that would stand the test of time. 



"Bring Comfort to Your Home"

"Save on Energy, Spend on Family"

"Helping our Polar Bear Friends One Product at a Time"


Site Copy Example:

"We stand behind the quality and longevity of our products; after all, they’ve been engineered & perfected for over 70 years."



During our meeting, we pitched an "interactive house" where users can select the area of need and be led to the designated product category. 


Initial Design:

Final Design:

Visit to see its full functionality.


FRENCH TRANSLATIONS: We offer the function of converting a website to any preferred language. Once the website was complete, we converted the copy to French. This meant that every word in the website had to be translated, including products, slogans, privacy policy and videos to create subtitles. Now with a click of a button, a user can transform the entire website to French and switch back to English simultaneously. 

CORPORATE VIDEO: When approached for a corporate video, we pitched a creative idea that explains the company's legacy and products. We would achieve this through a scripted format and include actors, music, and visual effects. At first, the company was taken aback by the idea and even said "this is not a corporate video." However, after showing them some examples of a creative commercial, the executives decided to take the "risk" on this type of commercial. We started the process with a few ideas and wrote a production script that went through several revisions until it was finalized. 



At the same time, we pushed out a casting call for a real family. We wanted it to feel like a genuine family, hence we avoided grouping actors to make a fake association. To our surprise, we've received auditions from 5 families across Ontario. We ended up choosing this charming family:


We prepared for a hard day of production. A schedule was prepared to keep everyone organized, and each assistant was provided a set of duties at each hour of the day. We used high-end gimbals, sliders, ladders and industry standard equipment. We managed to shoot the entire commercial in one long 10-hour day.


Final Result:

When everything was complete and the video went through all the required revisions, the execs were surprised and impressed with the final product. Companies often worry about creative commercials, but never regret them. The end result was a main 2 minute commercial, a 1 minute version, and a 15 second television style commercial - all individually written and narrated before production. 

PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY: We were responsible for the company's product photos that would be featured on their website and other retailers. A clean, white background was the most effective approach for their weatherproofing products. See below some of the photos that we captured: