CASE STUDY: Saving a Landmark From Destruction

SERVICES: Formula Video


BRIEF: We were approached to create a video for the Oakville Yacht Squadron, a sailboat club in Oakville, Ontario. The execs decided on a formula video to tell the story of their club. The club was started by a group of sailors and WWII veterans who were interested in racing Snipe class dinghies in 1946. The property features a lighthouse from 1889 that was salvaged by OYS members and concerned locals after it was replaced with a modern steel structure in 1960 on the Oakville Harbor. The original lighthouse was moved to the club and became iconic to the waterfront.


The club became a landmark, but in 2017 it was facing zoning and leasing threats from the government. Even in plain sight on Oakville’s harbor, the club’s story and outdoor lifestyle was not as apparent to locals and city officials as one would think. When discussing their fate with the city, the execs put on the videos we produced, and after seeing the history, culture, lifestyle, and community this club offers, the city had a lasting change of heart.



It’s stories like these that inspire us to do more than just create compelling video content. As video producers, it’s our responsibility to bring as much value as we can to the products we create; not only to benefit the business, but to impact the community as well.


Final Result: