Legacy Preservation

Cherish Their Memory 

As we get older, every moment with our loved ones becomes more and more precious. There is nothing more important in life than our families, and we know how valuable our time is with them. We also know the time together with our loved ones is finite, and the circle of life must go on. When they are no longer with us, we can hold on to their memories as close to our hearts as we can, but why not also hear their laughter, their voice, gaze into their eyes, and recount their charm, quirks, and emotion.


With our Legacy Preservation Video you can cherish the memories of your loved ones forever. We conduct an intimate interview with your loved one(s), asking them questions that will spark warm memories, make them reminisce on their own life, and share stories that you may never have heard of. We’ll then combine multiple angles to deliver a 1-hour timeless, profound conversation with your loved one. We’ll work with you to ensure all the questions we ask are fitting and appropriate, and make your loved ones feel comfortable throughout the process.


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- Professional Interviewer / Director

- Multi-Camera Professional Production

- 2 Hour Interview with your Family member

- Cute Intro with Music in the beginning

- Up to 30 photo integrations

- 3 Revisions

Delivery: 1-Hour Long Memory Preservation Video 

Due to the privacy of our clients, we are not able to provide an example of this service.

Preserve their memory forever.

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