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CASE STUDY: Formula Video

SERVICES: Formula Video Production


BRIEF: There are many approaches to a corporate video and one of them is what we call a Formula Video. It’s designed to tell the story of a business through its key team members. We interview the subjects and compile the footage to make a coherent structure. Candid interviews create a genuine flow of story and evoke an element of rawness in the final product. We do this by creating a macro to micro formula that begins broadly and narrows down to the key narratives of the business. Take a look at the formula we designed for Celtrade - a private label sauce manufacturer.



1. Mission Statement: (30 sec): It’s important people understand what Celtrade does at the get-go.

2. History & Present (1 – 1:30 min): [Love for Quality Food  > Ron’s Grande Vision > Philosophy (Identify issue in the industry: many companies use powdered ingredients, we chose not to) > Where it is today (No. of Employees, size and efficiency of facility, overall output > Team]


3. Value Proposition (1 min): [Market/Gap Analysis > Product Advisory & Approach > Custom Tailored Products, Testing & Research / Flavors, Solutions, and ^packaging > Stage (Team, Kitchen)] (This segment may be merged with Mission Statement)


4. Products (1 min – 1:30 min): [Fresh Ingredients > Manufacturing/Cooking Process > Discuss main Products: Sauces, Oils, Condiments, specialty dressings and pastes > packaging > shipping/handling]


5. Quality Assurance (30 sec - 1 min): A showcase of professionals involved with the quality assurance process, from the chef to the people in the background]


6. Call to Action (30 sec min): [Future goals, Innovation in the future > Ready for any creation > Invite to taste your product > Invite to work together and be a partner > Invite for a visit*]


PROCESS: Before commencing production, we finalize the formula and ensure the client is satisfied with the story. We devise formula-specific questions and interview 5-10 people from the company. We provide direction and help the subjects draw out the appropriate answers. Once the interviews are complete, the filming of supporting visuals will proceed.


In the editing room, an elaborate and time-sensitive process ensues. With 4-7 hours of raw interview footage, we begin a complicated filtration process where we divide each sentence into its fitting segment of the formula; lastly, we select the best snippets, combine breaths, form new sentences, and create a smooth 3-5 minute video.


Post-production in this format is a complex task when it comes to combining this much speaking time, layering appropriate visuals, and creating a coherent story. That’s why we prefer scripts and television style commercials because it’s a product that is designed and carefully planned rather than a product that is formulated and improvised. We’ll still give it 100% no matter the approach you decide on.


FINAL RESULT: In post-production, the formula will be amalgamated to make sense of the footage captured. The formula became: Mission Statement & Products > History > Present > Manufacturing Process > Ingredients > Quality Control > Value Proposition > Call to Action


Once the video is brought to completion, we produce shorter commercials for television and social media marketing. Take a look at the final products below:

OTHER EXAMPLE: Azul Fives Resort | The Fives Residence


This formula was a little simpler, but took just as long to create. The formula is:

Mexico > Playa Del Carmen > Azul Fives [grounds, amenities, services] > Residences > Call to Action

Take a look at the final videos below: