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SERVICES: Feature Film


BRIEF: Founder of Sweet Lemon Productions, Lior Khananaev wrote his 5th, 1st professional, feature film at only 19 years of age. He invested in new gear, got all of his friends and contacts involved, and produced a film while juggling college and clientele. Throughout the production, Lior has established a network of industry professionals, worked with over 50 actors, shot in 20 locations, and has gained valuable industry experience that was applied directly into his commercial business. Taking on this ambitious project has made Lior Khananaev the trustworthy filmmaker and professional that he is today.


We can proudly say we are one of the few commercial agencies in Toronto that have a Feature Film under our belt. Maybe it didn’t get us into Sundance or TIFF, but we are thankful for the experience that it offered.


The film was completed in 2014 with a successful premiere at the Royal Theatre in downtown Toronto. It evolved into several versions as the filmmaker grew and was picked up by a few film festivals. In 2018, the director decided to use his current knowledge to re-cut Ecdysis into a shorter film. He wanted to ameliorate the colors and editing to portray his best abilities at the time and release his work online. Both films are available for viewing below. For more behind the scenes and information, visit


View the Films below: