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CASE STUDY: Database Website


SERVICES: Website + Photography + Translations




BRIEF: We designed a highly technical website for a foam distributor, Jacobs & Thompson, which contains over 250 pages of foam & adhesive material information. It was our responsibility to upgrade the website and suggest valuable functions. We proposed an advanced search function that is based on 4 of the most important specifications that engineers are seeking in these foam and adhesive materials. The search options are defined in numeric ranges that include Density, Compression Deflection (CFD), Shore Hardness (OO), and Service Temperature. We took it a step further by offering a toggle for metric or imperial units. Getting to this point required constant communication and collaboration with both teams to fulfill these expectations. 


Furthermore, each material page contains a description, specifications and the ability to download the appropriate spec sheet. Originally, the spec sheets were unorganized and inconsistent with the branding of the company as they were provided by the manufacturers of the materials. We took on the task of redesigning all of the spec sheets to convey the data in a consistent and linear fashion. We organized a new standard table and made all the appropriate conversions from imperial to metric and vice versa. Let’s just say we learned a lot about foam.


After understanding their business in full, we were responsible for the website structure, brand/style guide, site copy, picture mapping, and slogans. 


Slogan Examples:

"Our product is our service. Our value is our speed."

"With over 70 years of industry experience, we understand the complexities of producing your raw materials."


Brand Guide: We select colors and fonts that would complement your brand and marketing. This is a fundamental step before implementing the design of our websites. 

Colour Palette #1.jpg
Colour Palette #1.jpg

PHOTOGRAPHY: Each material, product, and service is accompanied with professional photography. We set up a portable studio to photograph all of their materials under a white background. We also spent a few days photographing their industrial equipment and various services during their daily operations. After we gathered all the photos, we photoshopped and fine-tuned them until they reached perfection. We think we did a pretty good job making foam look interesting.   

TRANSLATIONS: Lastly, we translated every word on the website, and converted 250+ spec sheets to French. We then had to reupload the spec sheets and create a French proxy of the website. An oversimplification to say the least of how much time went into this project from start to finish.