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Founded in 2010, Sweet Lemon Productions is a boutique video marketing agency located in Toronto. Over the years we built a portfolio of television-style commercials for varying industries, including luxury real-estate and product start-ups. We highlight your brand with video and add all the other elements you need. Our talented designers can build you a logo, make you a video, write you a website, and market your business. 


About Us

Lior Khananaev, Creative Director & Project Manager


An experienced video producer and director delivering high-end content for various industries, and completing a feature length film in the start of his career. Lior has a fixation with high-quality work and ensuring clients are always satisfied. He is a compassionate leader and an organized project manager. 

Adam Law, Lead Website Design


Adam finished his studies as a web designer in Seneca College, and since  has published and crafted over 50 websites for different companies. He mastered coding, wordpress, and many other platforms that further advanced his expertise in web design. Adam can add any feature to your website.

Emmanuel Mozu, Motion Design


Emmanuel has shown that any idea, regardless of its complexity can be understood and presented in a visual medium. Emmanuel has developed the technical and creative skills to produce professional eye-catching works of art. His passion from a young age has led him to be a holder of many styles and talents, but continues to push his craft everyday


Narmina Chouminov, Design & Branding

The idea of communication through art and design has been Narmina's biggest draw to the industry. After taking a course in high school, she fell in love with the medium and continued her studies in University. Over the years, she has designed various logos, magazine covers, custom art projects and even runs her own clothing & accessory line that fuses art, design and fashion to make unique hand-made jewelry and shirts.



Avital Borisovsky, Content Writer


Avital comes from a diverse media background where she honed many skills; from writing for magazines, marketing for real-estate, and to producing on E.T Canada. She understands what people expect from content, media, and social platforms. She brings this skill directly into her writing abilities when it comes to social media ads, websites, and slogans.




Ross Geriavenko, SEO


With his roots in Mathematics, it was a no-brainer for Ross to take the principle of equations and apply it to the internet. His technical knowledge of SEO, keyword building, organic search results, and inbound marketing is impressive. He increased a company's ROI by 400% and continues to perfect custom-tailored solutions for businesses alike.