CASE STUDY: CarCost Canada


SERVICES: Video Series


BRIEF: The company wanted to display its vast list of benefits for using its service. We pitched a video series and worked together to come up with 5 main points to get across in a visual medium. The idea was to have your average joe explain how easy it is to save on buying a new car. We wrote 5 episodic scripts and found the perfect cast to deliver these videos for CarCost Canada. We spent many hours with the team of CarCost Canada to collaborate and tweak each script until it was ready for production. 


Please note, the company has since amended or removed these services and the portrayal of the following videos are for artistic purposes only. Today, the company uses a 1-minute compilation video extracted from the original 5 to present its core service. We are environmentally conscious, recycling old content and creating new products out of them.


Follow the average guy as he buys a new car from a bipolar, multi-dimensional car salesman:


Ep 1-5: